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Singapore: A Remarkable Journey from Humble Beginnings to Global Success

Around 59 years ago, a tiny harbor nation measuring roughly 30 km long and 40 km wide decided to seize control of its destiny. Thus, Singapore was born on 9th August 1965.

Emerging from a tumultuous past marked by colonial exploitation and wartime devastation, Singapore faced formidable challenges. Once little more than a fishing village plagued by disease and decrepit colonies, the nation was in dire straits.

The legacy of British and Japanese occupation left behind a litany of military failures and a populace yearning for stability and progress.

Unsurprisingly, neither the British nor the Japanese are glorified in the exhibits of the Singapore National Museum, which instead document the resilience and tenacity of the local people.

The Modern Miracle: Determination, Discipline, and Development

Singapore's transformation into a global powerhouse is a tale of three fundamental values:

  • Determination

  • Discipline

  • Development.

The modern Singapore

Determination was key as the fledgling nation faced its post-independence challenges head-on. Without natural resources, Singapore invested heavily in its human capital, prioritizing education and skills development. This foresight laid the foundation for a knowledgeable and adaptable workforce capable of driving economic growth.

Discipline permeates every aspect of Singaporean society. The city-state is renowned for its rigorous law enforcement and stringent regulations, which have fostered an environment of safety and efficiency. This discipline extends to the daily lives of Singaporeans, manifesting in their courteous behavior and communal harmony.

Development is evident in Singapore's impressive infrastructure and urban planning. The cityscape, adorned with modern skyscrapers and lush green spaces, reflects a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional design. Continuous investment in technology and innovation ensures that Singapore remains at the forefront of global advancements.

One pass covers all your transport needs

Fondly known as MRT (Mass Rapid Transport)


Our Travel Plan

Day 1

  1. Reach Singapore Terminal 2 at 6.05pm

  2. Clear immigration

  3. Buy MRT tickets

  4. Go from Terminal 2 to Jewel 

  5. Visit Canopy park (if possible) and ride SkyTrain

Day 2

  1. Afternoon time - SEA Aquarium

  2. Evening time - Gardens By the Bay - 

  3. Special shows -Tulipmania(FlowerDome) and Borealis light and sound show (Supertree grove at 9pm to 9.30pm) (Normal light and sound at 7.45pm and 8.45pm)


Day 3

  1. Whole day - Universal Studios

  2. Sci-fi city - Transformers meet + Ride

  3. Egypt - Revenge of mummy + treasure hunter

  4. New York - Light, camera, action

  5. Far far away - kids roller coaster

  6. Lost world - Canopy flyer + Dino soarin + Rapids + Meet (Hatched + Raptor)

  7. Waterworld show timings - 1.15pm and 3.30pm

  8. Wings of Time (Timings 7.40pm to 8pm)

Day 4

  1. Morning - National Museum

  2. Late afternoon - Singapore River Cruise

  3. Evening - Merlion park - Free Spectra light show at 8pm and 9pm

Day 5

  1. Morning - Visit Little India and Mustafa market

  2. Flight to KL - 8.45pm


Random Clicks

Lunch from our local guardian. Mrs Anjana Dasgupta. An efficient home maker and social worker serving Singapore for 30 years.

Its always difficult to say goodbuy. Opposite to Khatib MRT waiting for airport bound bus.

The Marine Aquarium. Probably the best in the world. But frankly speaking, the one at Chennai is not far behind.

Jelly Fish at Marine Aquarium.

Tulips at Garden by the bay

Reminiscing my Child hood craze. Someday I will visit the actual one.

Sci fi at Universal Studio

The Merlion

Super Trees at Gardens by the Bay

The cloud forest


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