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About Me

The world we live in is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we pursue them with our eyes open. I am Ramit Sengupta and I would like to get lost in the right direction. 

Being a banker by profession, travel is a regular part of my life. In the course of my career, which is a travel path as well I have learnt the most remarkable lessons of my life. 

My wife who is a banker coincidentally is a nature lover and a travel freak as well. She has inherited this nature from her father.

Considering this genetic background there is hardly any element of surprise when my two year old kids remember how a deer or tiger looks like, how it feels to see the mountain under the layer of snow. They plead for one more train journey and are prepared to pose or stunt like coolies which is a precondition to travel by train by their Grandpa.

My aim is that I should have enough stories for my grandson/daughter before I stop or unable to move.  More importantly I want to give real exposure to my twins about the outside world they soon have to take head on. Far away from the populist digital world, family tours teach them to adjust, accommodate and sacrifice. In one word, its a complete coaching that no play school can offer. 

I am a novice in this enormous world of bloggers so please excuse me for the technical mistakes. Doing is the best way of learning and I have adopted this philosophy throughout my life.

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