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Category:Ainu mythology Category:Inuunaq mythology Category:Ainos Category:Ghosts Category:Kobayashi IssaQ: Customizing the StyleCop colour scheme I've just downloaded and installed StyleCop from nuget and I'm looking to modify the colour scheme of the Editor window to use a more contrasting green and brown instead of just grey. Does anyone know of any good resources to do this? Thanks in advance. A: I found this useful which explains the colour code scheme - It says the colours are as follows: Background = B[0,1,0] Text = B[1,1,1] Attribute = B[2,1,0] Document = B[3,0,1] So if you want to make the editor be a brighter green, you would put B[2,1,1] into the text. I'd also be interested to know whether there's a way to change the colour of the error list in the tool window. For changing the error list color, you can use the StyleCop GUI you download here: and then do a change of the single line: StyleCop.Resources.ErrorList.Properties.Style = "orange" and for removing the caret on the tab list, do the same in StyleCop.Resources.TabList.Properties.Style. It's already = "white" in the GUI. Abstract The G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest family of transmembrane proteins. Although they have been thoroughly studied for decades, there are still some open questions about the roles of the individual GPCRs in cell signaling. Genomic analyses have revealed an increased number of GPCRs compared to that expected from the number of known ligands, suggesting that many more GPCRs remain to be discovered. The use of GPCR-related bioinformatics resources is helpful to facilitate the discovery of new GPCRs. In this study, we applied the Reverse Genetics method to search for new GPCRs, using GPCR-related genomic data. We identified 88 candidate




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